Ars Poetica

"Every building is different. Every function is unique, and the designer must learn to understand it. The learning process inspires, gives ideas to break through the limitations of the function, so that in each case, the result is a unique building, tailored to the place and the need. We always sit down at the drawing board with this in mind."

Antal Puhl, Péter Dajka


Our main profile is architectural design and general building design. A large number of completed buildings and the satisfied clients provide the motivation that drives us to the solution of each task.

In each case, the name of the company also implies personal responsibility, which means that the chief architects put their own professional experience and reputation as a guarantee for the design assignments.


Puhl & Dajka Architect Studio Ltd.

H-2000 Szentendre, Bartók B.u.24.

Tel.: +36-26-301-247, +36-26-301-248